With so many new business softwares being released daily, it's a very exciting time for businesses, on the one hand, as each of these new cloud softwares can seriously improve a business's capabilities of delivering their business better, faster and with far more cost effeciency but on the other hand, in reality, it's also causing no end to headaches with trying to get them all to work together, never mind the worries of potentially adding more back door data security risks through having to use all these endless new API's (Application Programming Interface), which are needed to connect your softwares together.


The truth is, most businesses are struggling just trying to keep up with working out, which of these new softwares would benefit my business most, never mind understand what API's (Application Programming Interface's) are, why they will need them, how difficult they are to integrate and also how basic these API offerings really are, with the worry about the additional data security risks to boot.


The simple fact is that, although each of these new cloud softwares were purposely built in order to streamline a business to save it time, confusion and of course money, the reality is, these new cloud softwares were built to serve their own specific purposes so that even where some softwares are API connectable with other softwares, your business would still need the technical ability to be able to connect these software's together through these API connections and still you end up with very limited communications between these connected softwares in most all cases.


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