Many businesses find themselves struggling to manage their social media accounts and it’s mainly due to time and the understanding of how to make social media really worthwhile for their business.


So many businesses go through the everyday struggle of trying to keep their social media accounts up to date to at least not look unprofessional in the eyes of their clients as it’s no longer an option to not have social media accounts if you are in business but the question every business owner needs to ask themselves with social media is, does social media create real benefits for my business and if not, then something has to change as social media is one of the most effective marketing platforms for most every business now and getting it right can be the difference between real business success and business failure.


Firstly; it’s vitally important to understand what each social media platform was actually created for as it's this understanding that will enable you to create an actual social media strategy that can work for your business.


Once we have understood the differences between the social media platforms that your clients are using, it’s vital to understand exactly who your actual target client really is and what really interests them as simply sending offers to clients won't work as it has now you have to give more. Basically; you have to show clients that you understand the platform’s use in order to gain their trust to connect with you and then this will hopefully open the door for them to spend their time and money reviewing and using your products and or services.


Additionally; it has to be a balance between one to one engagement with your potential clients and getting constant posts out about who you are, what you are doing and such but again, it has to be in the essence of that platforms use and it’s social media management software’s that can help you greatly here as they will enable you to create actual planned campaigns of multiple posts and for multiple categories so that you can upload your posts and schedule them to go out automatically on specific dates and times to save you a lot of time, thus removing the time issue. Once your social media posts create interaction with your clients, then you can jump in to the one to one interactions to communicate directly with each of them and thus nurture each of those important relationships properly in order to seriously improve your chances of them buying from you and buying from you long term.


There are arguments towards social media platforms not giving posts that are sent automated such a wide distribution but your business has to ensure that it has a professioanl canvas in place for when businesses come to check you out after reading one of your posts because even when you target your posts directly through the social media platform itself, still the social media platforms will not share your manual posts with everyone as it's in their own interests not to as they want you to spend money on their paid advertising and an automated posting software will take a lot of the work away from building your profile canvas, thus leaving you the time to focus and respond quickly to those clients who specifically respond to your posts and or your paid ads.


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