By Request: Rebecca Dickenson - The Vanilla Rooms


NLP- Neuro-Linguistic Programming offers techniques to assist in the reprogramming of the way in which we think, feel and thus act in certian areas of our life in order to create a more positive and beneficial life for ourselves and those around us.


NLP techniques focus upon repeating positive thoughts to ourself over and over again, with the principle idea being that by repeating the same positive messages over and over again to ourselves, whether we initially believe them or not, will end up in us subconsciously begining to believe in what we are actually saying to ourslves and thus in turn, positively changing the way we think, feel and act.


Over my many years, I've looked into a number of techniques to create more positive outcomes for myself and those around me and personally I found NLP to be effective, however I would note that NLP as well as other such methods requires time, focus and of course dedication in order to create the excellent results they can deliver.


Some may argue that no matter how positively you may change, if the world around you doesn't change with you, then what's the point, however I would answer that in fact it has little to do with the world around us changing but rather we ourselves changing as my experience has proven without doubt that positive thoughts, feelings and actions in turn do actually change the world around us for the better so there's nothing to lose to try it out and potentially much to gain.


The utilisation of NLP within business can only be of great benefit to all concerned, however it is important to study NLP properly in order to utilise NLP effectively to achieve the specific business goals you wish to achieve.


I would also add that negative thoughts, language and actions never offer positivety for anyone, including the business as they simply lead to demoralising all involved so no matter how difficult a situation may seem, still it is the positivity within you that stands the very best chance of creating real success so even when your positive thoughts, language and actions have to create potential repercussions for another, your communications of your true positive wishes for those involved is what has ultimately the best chance to win the day.


Otherwise; generally in commincations with others, remember that less is more so keep business meetings short, often and precise to the matter at hand, whilst additionally following the rules of great communications which are:


1. Listen very carefully to what the person says.

2. Try to understand what the other person is really saying by:

  • 1. Taking a moment to consider their statements.
  • 2. Evaluate their statements against your own knowledge and experience.
  • 3. Effectively question their statements to ensure you have thoroughly understood what they have said.
  • 4. Confirm to the other party what you have understood, in order to ensure you have fully understood them, before finally...

3. Responding to their statements with positive solutions.


Finally; remember to always show respect and understanding of another's position, right or wrong, show your will for their inclusion and rememebr to clearly highlight the benefits the other person will harvest by working positively together with you.


Please feel free to leave you thoughts, comments and as always your own experiences and should you like me to cover another specific subject in business, then please just let me know.