No Need for Outlook or Thunderbird


Pro Software enables you to bring all of your emails into one amazingly powerful, yet simple to use software so that's one more business software you won't have to keep up with and manage.


No More Time Consuming Data Input


Each email you receive creates a new email receipt as would any other email software but this is where Pro Software then becomes truly special as Pro Software recognises when an email address already belongs to one of your existing contacts like a Prospect, Client or Partner and it automatically adds that email communication directly onto each of these specific profiles history to ensure you have every single communciation at hand instantly, which is hugely time saving with far less confusion!


No More Delayed Respones


Pro Software's Mail Box enables you to respond to any incoming contact with your business much quicker as not only does Pro Software automatically and instantly put each communication in the right place for you, with the single click of a button, you can access every communication dated, timed and ordered perfectly so that you have a complete and instant overview of all that has gone on before, placing you in a great position to not only respond much faster but also far more effectively and far more assured.

World Class Support


Highly intuitive so that you don't need training but should you need help, then we are here to assist and you can also hire our expert support staff from only £29 per hour to assist where needed.

Manage Your Email Communications With Speed & Precision